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MacMHonArc is a Mac OS X graphical frontend for the command line tool MHonArc. Here is a screenshot of the application running.

MacMHonArc is currently in development and far from done. It should however already provide basic funtionality.

I would very much appreciate bug reports and suggestions about features that you want to see in MacMHonArc.

How to use it

To install MacMHonArc download the most recent release of MacMHonArc, unpack the archive and copy the application to wherever you want it.

Note that MacMHonArc requires the mhonarc script to be installed. You can either download the original MHonArc distribution or use the Mac OS X installer I have also built. MacMHonArc will check for the existence of mhonarc on startup.

MacMHonArc should work on OS X 10.1 and higher, but it has only been tested on 10.3 so far.

Now simply launch the application. There is a host of options, which I'll go through here quickly:

Input File/Folder: The mailbox file or folder that is to be converted. You must select one.

Target Directory: Corresponds to mhonarc's -outdir parameter. The folder to which the HTML files and attachments will be written. Must also be given.

Add to Archive: Corresponds to mhonarc's -add parameter.

Set Index Title: -title in mhonarc.

Set Thread Title: -ttitle in mhonarc.

Sort Main Index by: If "Subject" is selected, adds the -subsort to the mhonarc command. Checking "Reverse" adds the -reverse parameter.

Sort Thread Index by: If "Subject" is selected, adds the -tsubsort to the mhonarc command. Checking "Reverse" adds the -treverse parameter.

Resource File: Here you have the option to specify a resource file to be used while converting the mailbox via the -rcfile parameter.

Remove Messages: You can select to delete messages that are either older than x Seconds/Days/whatever, older than a specific date or you can specify that you want a maximum of x messages in the archive. The mhonarc parameters are -expireage, -expiredate and -maxsize, respectively.

Spam Mode: Enables the -spammode parameter

More Options: This will open a small window with a text field allowing you to add arbitrary parameters to the mhonarc command line call. Thus you can harness the full power of mhonarc even while MacMHonArc does not have all options built in.

Display command: This opens a window with the mhonarc command with all its parameters that will be called when clicking on the Convert button.

Convert: This will start the mhonarc process.

The menu commands File>Save and File>Load save/load the current settings to/from a preferences file.


MHonArc was created by Earl Hood. The MHonArc web site can be found at

Please note that this program is not an official MHonArc distribution. I have nothing to do directly with the developers of MHonArc. You have been warned.