(Previous versions, should they be required, can be supplied upon request.)


MHonArc converts email mailboxes to HTML files, thereby making them web accessible.

This package will install the current version of MHonArc on your OSX system without having to run the perl installer yourself from the command line.

Please note that only the basic MHonArc files will be installed. All additional files that can be found in the original distribution have been left out.

The documentation that is included in the MHonArc distribution should have come in a separate folder next to this file.

How to use it

Installation is simple. Open the installer package by double-clicking on it. Follow the instructions. You will have to enter your Administrator password to install MHonArc. After the installer has finished you can begin using mhonarc. For more information on how to use it consult the manual or go to MHonArc's web site.

If the installer gives you an error please contact me so I can see if it can be fixed. I don't like buggy things. Send me an email with the version you are trying to install and the exact version of your operating system. Thanks!

Please note that the installer only works with Mac OS X 10.3 and upwards, unfortunately I currently have no way to test and develop the installer under older versions.

What it does

For those who care: This package doesn't really do anything else than the perl file that comes with the original distribution. In fact that script is run behind from inside package. The only real differences are that it is run non-interactively, meaning that paths for the files can't be chosen (which isn't necessary in most cases). It also does not install the documentation because OSX does not have a default place to put such files. Instead the current documentation is provided next to the installer, to be put away at the user's convenience.


MHonArc was created by Earl Hood. The MHonArc web site can be found at

This OSX installer was built by Lasar Liepins

Please note that this installer is not an official MHonArc distribution. I have nothing to do directly with the developers of MHonArc. You have been warned.