Finder Plugin

Flock Plugin

Script Editor Plugin

SubEthaEdit Plugin

TextMate Plugin Plugin

Transmit Plugin

Virtual PC Plugin


  • Unpack the downloaded zip file
  • Copy the .applescript and .OSML files to "~/Library/Application Support/Slife/Scriptlets/"
  • Restart Onlife
  • Go to the preferences and activate the appropriate plugins


From the [Slife homepage][slife]: "Slife is a new application for the Mac OS X that lets you visualize and organize your computer activities like never before. Slife observes your every interaction with applications such as Safari, Mail and iChat and keeps tracks of all web pages you visit, emails you read, documents you write and much more."


I have written a few plugins for Slife (previously called Onlife), extending the number of applications that can be monitored through Slife.

Onlife Gallery

The Onlife Gallery was created as a central repository for all Onlife add-ons. It provides the user with a list of all known Onlife plugins, searchable by category.

It was created before Onlife changed its name to Slife. It has not yet been redone to reflect the change.